Instagram collaboration

Recently Instagram has made it harder to "repost" other people's posts, but Instagram has also introduced a new collaboration feature to officially get around this.

Now, UK users can choose to "collaborate" with other UK users when they post their photos. This means that the post appears in both users' Instagram feeds and both accounts share the likes ♥

Have a look at this post from @fordy_airsoft:

What to post in a collaboration?

We would love to collaborate with you! But we cannot collaborate with everyone about anything. So please post only relevant photos for collaboration.

Any collaboration posts that do not feature 6mm Ammo products or branding  will be rejected.


How to collaborate

If you want to collaborate with us, here is a quick guide. Remember, this feature is currently available to UK users only (until Instagram expands the feature worldwide).

Step 1

Create a new Instagram post and go to Tag people


Step 2

Go to Invite Collaborator


Step 3

Look for 6mm Ammo in the search field


Step 4

You will see tagged as a Collaborator in your post



You can also tag other people as normal, but Instagram allows only one Collaborator per post. Feel free to write a caption with any hashtags you like, as usual. Then post the photo!

We look forward to collaborating with you 💕😊